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4-8-2011 - What I hope to gain from ECS
I look forward to this quarter in ECS because I think I will gain a lot from it. First I would like to learn lots about the Chinese culture. It would make me look very smart if I knew some letters in Mandarin. They have a rich and interesting history and I would like to know more about it and also about present day events too. Second I would like to know some more computer skills. I learned a lot last quarter and I hope to top it this quarter. I am not a technology advanced so it will be tricky. The last thing I hope to gain is some fun memories. I want to look back on ECS and say oh I am so glad I did it, I had a blast, it really improved my knowledge. I want there to be no stress and so I can have a good year. I kind of expect a lot but I believe I will gain lots from ECS.

Where my province is on the ladder
My province is Tibet and it is at the top of the ladder. An example is that it is very mountainous and isn't flat so it is at the top of the latter. In population for how large it is it is not heavily populated. It is on the western coast and is the second biggest province in China.

What I learned about the provinces.
1 I didn't know that Xinjiang had 23 billion people. That is huge.
2 Shanghai has no wild animals because it is so heavily populated.
3 Yunnan is on a plateau about 2000 ft above sealevel

Top three coolest things I learned in ECS
1 I learned some ti chee moves and more about my inner chi
2 I got to learn 25 chinese characters
3 I learned a lot about the 5 themes of geograghy for Tibet and many more Chinese Provinces

One thing I would do differently to improve my ECS experience
I would work harder in class so that I wouldn't have to do as much at home. Also if I did it in class I could ask questions then instead of in connections the next day.

4-18-11 interesting China info
  • They have 53 recognized ethnic groups which is a lot more than the US
  • They don't have freedom of religion
  • You are either rich or not there is not much of a middle class
  • 1.3 billion people in China

4-27-11 more interesting China info
  • There is a lot of corruption in the powers, over 3000 every year.
  • If you embezzle money the punishment is death