Due 5/20

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Province Information

Region/Province/Municipality Research Project
You are about to embark on an exploration of a Chinese Province or Region! You will have a world of technology at your finger tips. The hardest part of this project will be to interpret information and decide which information is good and which is not so good. To help you in your exploration, you will be required to use at least 2 different websites from the list below: can be found at or for your research: You may also use one Wikipedia Page.

Province Information

You will spend a significant amount of time locating information based on the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY. You will select or be assigned a region or province. You will research that region or province for one week. You will then create a final project that you will present to the class. You will have about 2 days in the class to finish your project after you do your research. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/ . It is important to follow the rubric. If you are at school every day, you should not have to complete research or projects at home. You must use your time well or you will be lost.
The final project may be presented as a Photo Story 3 project, a Power Point project, an Animoto, Glogster, Prezi or a Movie Maker project.

One key element is to CITE EVERY SOURCE YOU USE. Remember, information should be minimal on each slide or page of your presentation. EACH PAGE NEEDS WORKS CITED AT THE BOTTOM. Ask Mr. A for help or go to http://www.easybib.com/ .
Be of luck on your research adventure! FOLLOW THE RUBRIC!!!!!!!!!!

Not Only must you describe an aspect or two of each of the 5 themes...but you must also describe an impact that theme has on life for the people in your province, municipality or Autonomous region.

Total will be divided by 10 for a total of 17 POINTS

5 Themes of Geography OUTLINE

  • Location

    • Absolute...Latitude and Longitude of all the Borders

    • Relative Locations...Where your province/region is in relationship to other places...Use words like North of, South of, East of, West of.
  • Location

  • Place

    • Physical Characteristics
      • Bodies of water
      • Landforms
      • Climate
      • Animal Life
      • Natural Vegitation
    • Human Characteristics
      • Population:
      • Ethnic Groups
      • Language
      • Customs:
      • Economy
      • Government
  • Place

  • Region

    • Functional
      • Major Trade Partners
      • Metropolitan Cities
      • Major Rivers - Drainage
    • Perceptual
      • How do the citizens view themselves?
    • Formal
      • Climate Regions
      • Vegetation
      • Shared Characteristics of the whole area
      • Land Area

    • Relative Locations...Where your province/region is in relationship to other places...Use words like North of, South of, East of, West of.
  • Region

  • Human/Environment Interaction

    • What have people done to change the land
      • Dams
      • Canals
      • Irrigation
      • Other

  • Human/Environment Interaction

  • Movement

    • Movement of People
      • Ethnic Groups who settled there
      • Anyone forced in or out?
      • Where did they go?
    • Movement of goods
      • foods
      • trade goods
      • manufactured goods
      • Other
    • Movement of Ideas - What Ideas have the people borrowed or shared with other states or ethnic groups?