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Xinjiang prezi:

Province Project

Our Autonomous Region Is Xinjiang
  • Location

    • Absolute Location- 35° 14' to 49° 11' N,073° 30' to 096° 23' E; Area:1,660,001 km2 (640,930 sq mi)

    • Relative Location- Northwest China; bordered by Chinese autonomous region Tibet to the south, Chinese provinces Qinghai and Gansu to the southeast, and the countries of Mongolia to the east, Russia to the north, Kazakhstan to the northwest, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan to the west, and Pakistan and India to the southwest.
  • Location

  • Place

    • Physical Characteristics
      • Bodies of water- Tarim River, Tianchi Lake
      • Landforms- Tian Shan mountains, Dzungarian and Tarim Basins, Taklimakan Desert, lowest point: Turpan Depression; 155m below sea level, highest point: K2 mountain, 8611m above sea level
      • Climate- generally semi-arid/desert; there is great difference in temperature from season to season
      • Animal Life- brown bear, wild yak, Argali, blue sheep, Capra ibex, red deer, roe deer, Przewalskis Gazelle, wolf, wild boar
      • Natural Vegetation- large variety of trees, shrubs, and grasses
    • Human Characteristics
      • Population: 215,900,000
      • Ethnic Groups: Uyghur – 45%
        Han – 41%
        Kazakh – 7%
        Hui – 5%
        Kyrgyz – 0.9%
        Mongol – 0.8%
        Dongxiang – 0.3%
        Pamiris – 0.2%
        Xibe – 0.2%
      • Language: Mandarin Chinese
      • Customs: the people of xinjiang eat lots of foods with carbohydrates and fruits. they grow cotton and spin it (part of regional customs)
      • people of all ages where hats that have four points on top sometimes women
        external image maozi4.jpg
        external image maozi4.jpg
        decorate these hats with earrings and other such
      • items. most things people wear are suits and dresses.
      • Economy: in the take of stage, the economy and sciences arent strong
      • Government:communist
  • Place

  • Region

    • Functional
      • Major Trade Partners
      • Metropolitan Cities
      • Major Rivers - Drainage
    • Perceptual
      • How do the citizens view themselves?
    • Formal
    • #

      * Climate Regions: stepe, desert
      * Vegetation: Shrubs, grasses,
      * Shared Characteristics of the whole area: cold and dry
      * land area: (640,930 sq mi)

      # In north west China, borders the eastern border of Russia and middle eastern china
  • Region

  • Human/Environment Interaction

    • What have people done to change the land
      • Dams
      • Canals
      • Irrigation
      • Other

  • Human/Environment Interaction

  • Movement

    • Movement of People
      • Ethnic Groups who settled there
      • Anyone forced in or out?
      • Where did they go?
    • Movement of goods
      • foods
      • trade goods
      • manufactured goods
      • Other
    • Movement of Ideas - What Ideas have the people borrowed or shared with other states or ethnic groups?