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Province Projects 5-25-11

China From the Inside: Part Two 4-27-11
Corruption can be a big problem in China due to its one party system. The punishment for embezzlement is death. The Communist party needs the support of the people to stay in power.

China From the Inside: Part One 4-20-11
China has about 1.3 billion people. Religion is pretty much decided for the Chinese people. There is only one political party in China which is the Chinese Communist Party. There is a one child law limiting families to one child unless they are trying for a first son. China is almost the size of the United States.

"What I hope to gain from ECS this quarter" 4-8-11
This year in ECS I hope to gain more knowledge in Chinese culture, learn how to use a Prezi, and learn the Chinese language. First of all, I would like to know more about culture so that when I communicate with my pen pal I won't sound like a complete idiot. I would also like to learn about their culture because I find it very interesting to learn about other people's cultures. Another thing that I hope to gain from ECS is to learn how to successfully use a Prezi. I like to learn about technology and I have never used that before. I also would like to learn how to use it so that I can make presentations successfully and be able to show it in class. Finally, I would like to learn the Chinese language. I would like to because I think it is important to be multicultural beacause our world is becoming smaller and more and more countries are interacting with each other.