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Biography of my pen pal Martin:
Hi,my new pal
I known that I will have a new pen-pal, I think I will make a friend with you.
My name is Martin, just a English name, my Chinese name is Tan taoyong. I 'm 14 this year. I like doing everything that something I can do,basketball, playing table tennis, going skating, running, learning computer language, making simple computer program by myself, listening music and B-BOX, watching great movies, etc. Maybe half of these hobbies are same as yours. my hometown is JiShou ,Hunan Province in the China, I love my hometown, It is hilly here and is covered many trees, flower, grasses, There are many rivers and lakes, however, there also have many buildings.
I am waiting for your letter! I want to know somethings about you.
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Hi Logan and Alex
I 'm your new pen-pal, First ,I 'll answer Logan's questions. I have a desktop computer, I don't think there are something different between the Chinese computers and American computers, Most people use the Microsoft's computer systems : Windows vista, Windows 7, etc. My family use Windows vista, It's not the best computer system, but I like it. As for your question"Is the Chinese food in America different from actual Chinese food?" I think it must be different from actual Chinese food, because if the boss of the Chinese restaurants want to make a profit in the USA or western area, he or she has to let American taste blends into his dishes, If not, he or she will have no customers. So it's not actual Chinese food. My e-mail is or
Err```I don't know what Chinese name do you want to have, free translation name or literal translation name.So I give you two names.
free translation name : Luo xiaobin Chinese word : 洛骁斌
This name keeps your family name --Luo()xiao() means courageous and power, bin() means equally fine in external accomplishments and internal qualities.
transliteration name : Luo gen(洛根)
Then I will answer Alex's questions. We never celebrate the Easter, because it's not our tranditional festival. But I think there will be more and more people celebrate it.I don't know what Chinese name do you want to have, free translation name or literal translation name.So I give you two names.
free translation name : Ai yaorui(艾曜睿). I have investigated the means of your name. your name is means that something about the sun, yes? the son of sun? So I use yao() in your name, yao() means sun moon star, it's a great word in the Chinese. Rui() means intelligent and creative. Err``` I can't translate my name, because my name is too intricate, I don't know what English word should I use.
About climate in JiShou, The weather is depends on season, too. In the spring, everything is pretty good, It's warm , sunny and comfortable. In the summer, It's hot and sunny, I always eat watermelon at that time, that makes me feel cool ! In the fall, It's not hot, not cold, It's the great weather to go hiking. Sky is pale blue , there is not too much cloud. In the winter, It only feels cold, and it hardly ever snow and frost.
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Dear Logan and Alex

It's the same as last time.I'll answer Logan's question first.
Answer Logan's questions:
Free translation means the words that I translate is the same meaning as you say. but the pronunciation may doesn't be the same.
Transliteration means the words that I translate is the same pronunciation as you say, but the meaning may doesn't be the same.
As for our government, I only know a little, I think American government is the same as Chinese government. but it should be something different.
Answer Alex's questions:
We celebrate our traditional festivals, for example: the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival,the Double Ninth Festival,etc.
I never play soccer, but it doesn't mean that I don't like it, I often get exciting when I saw the soccer game.I don't have Face Book. I go to school just weekdays. I only spend 15 minutes to walk to school.I don't have iPod or Zune, but it doesn't mean I don't like them.
Mr. Howe wants us to talk about Japan earthquake or Libya war. I want to talk about Japan earthquake, Maybe you know the Second World War, Japan have killed 18,000,000 chinese people, the god punish them now, I don't think them are pitiful now. If the earthquake happened in other country, I may wish that country be better soon, but letting me blessing Japan is impossible. the God know everything.

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Dear Alex
First ,I must tell you that I never believe in religionbut I never think believing in religion is wrong, everyone has own freedom.
I think I get values from my family ,school and good friends. I think my values is honesty, friendship and philanthropic.
The "Tao" is a kind of Chinese thinking , a kind of Chinese religion , even a kind of Kongfu. It include many traditional things, As a kind of Kongfu, It has Chinese traditional thinking. So "Tao" is a magic thing that it has Chinese traditional thinking , religion and Kongfu. I don't know how to explain "Tao" to you, it's too recondite. In China , "Confucianism" is another recondite system that it resembles "Tao" , they are something in common but something be different. "Confucianism" told us to obeying our parents, be kind to brothers and be honesty, merciful and unselfish. but my knowledge of "Tao" and"Confucianism" just like a small stone of a huge mountain. I only know a little thing about these, You could know them by internet.
I don't like soccer but don't sick of it yet, so I'm sorry that I don't have favorite team.
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