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external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVmRsDTLP0eeKLgY5uA9pX3yL6_yrhcoMuOkgMFVhnuE5BqcAMTAI learned three magnificent facts and more during 4th quarter ECS. I learned that the Chinese do Tai Chi to calm themselves and relax themselves. Secondly, I learned how to speak Chinese very well. Lastly, I learned that Hong Kong is a huge trading and marketing place, with a lot of money. One thing that I would have changed is that I could use my flash cards on the test.

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I learned many many things in the projects. I had three top ones though. I learned that Shanghai was started by the Shangs. That was a cool fact. Secondly, I learned that Hainan was started by the Han Dynasty and was used for a military garson. Lastly, I learned that Tibet was controlled by the Dalai Llamas until the Chinese Government took over and made Tibet a communist controlled area.This is what I learned.
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Hong Kong is like a ladder. It ranks towards the bottom of the ladder because it has mostly just the Chinese ethnic group. It is also at the bottom of the climate ladder because it is wet and humid. It is at the top of the trading ladder because it is a huge port where the fish market is, the trading market with spices and clothing and other things are, and where a whole lot of money is traded.
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My second blog: These three things stuck out to me or were something I didn't know. Firstly, I didn't know that there were woman's labor camps outside Beijing. Secondly, I had no idea that China had 56 ethic groups, amazing! Thirdly, I was confounded that China has terrorists. Fourthly, I had no clue that most people were Atheist. Fifthly, I didn't know that Xiamen made computers for the world. Sixthly, I didn't have a clue that, in China, manage has two meanings. Seventhly, I didn't know that each town has a Woman's Head.
Eighthly, I didn't know that Tibet is bigger than Texas and California combined. Ninthly, I had no idea that Tibet, being part of China, had their own language and are not Communists/Atheists. Tenthly, some villages have elections in a democratic way. Eleventhly, people are losing trust in the Communist party because of much corruption. Judges, secretaries, and other officials have taken millions of dollars from the citizens. Those caught have been arrested, banished, and even executed. Twelfthly, the people who built the Red Flag Canal were payed absolute minimum. These are twelve things that I did not know before this video.
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My First blog: In ECS, I hope that I will learn many things. First, I would like to learn about China's traditions, culture, and food. I want to know what festivals they have. Also, I would like to learn about what kind of food that they eat at parties. Second, I would like to learn about the geography of China. I would like to study the formations and water locations. Also, I would like to know about the amazing deserts and plains. Lastly, I hope that I can get some information on what middle school kids do in China through my Pen Pal. I want to know what kind of sports and recreational activities they do. Also, I want to know what kind of homework they have. This is what I want to learn in ECS this year.
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