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3 cool things i learned in ECS:
1. I learned how to speak Chinese
2. I learned more about the province of Hainan
3. I learned how to be a better problem solver
One thing I would do differently to improve your ECS experience:
I would take more time to learn the things
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3 Things That I Learned:
I learned that Tibet was the highest region in the world
I learned that Yunnan people think they are messy and impolite.
I learned that Inner Mongolia has horse races.
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China is like a latter: My province is Hainan. ON the ladder our province is at the bottom of the ladder. It is very very wet. Very moist. The air is very humid.

Muckraking project: Are Americans well prepared for a natural disaster?

Everyone has heard of the natural disaster that has happened in Japan just recently. A huge earthquake, which triggered a monstrous tsunami, pretty much destroyed most of the northern part of Japan. The big question is, though, are Americans prepared for a natural disaster as big as this one? First of all, news reporters in Japan say that the people in Japan acted calmly. They were very obedient to the government. It was good that the people were obedient because it helped them stay clam and out of the way so the government could solve the problem faster. Next, if anything like this happened to U.S. would we react as well as the Japanese did? There are mixed opinions on this question. Dr. Irwin Redlener, for example, stated, "Our mental infrastructure is in even poorer state that the nation’s roads and bridges." In other words, we think that we are so well prepared for a natural disaster so we just sit back and relax. But the truth is, America has never had a disaster as big as Japan so even if we think we are prepared we will never be. It’s up to you to decide if you think that we are ready for a natural disaster. In my opinion we will never be ready for what Japan is going through.
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We just came back from Hawaii!!!!!!!!! It was GORGEOUS.
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What i learned from the video:
1. Very rich and very poor people
2. 56 different ethnic groups
3. The party works for the interest of the people
4. Advertises abortion clinics
5. two thirds of Chinese people live in the country
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What I hope to learn in ECS this quarter
I hope to learn more about the language in China, how to use Prezi, and about Chinese culture. I would like to be able to say a few words and phrases in Chinese. Words such as ice cream. I really, really, really love ice cream!!
Second, I would also like to to make a totally awesome Prezi. Prezi is cool. But I don't know how to use it so I would like to figure that out. Lastly, I would like to learn about Chinese culture. I do not know much about Chinese culture. I hope to know more about it by the end of the quarter. That is what i would like to gain from ECS this quarter.
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