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animals in Hainan
the animals picture
The gibbon
external image gibbon5.jpg
clouded leopard
external image coulded_leopard1.jpg
monitor lizard
external image 45559a80dc7c6cb3.jpg
peacock pheasant
external image scan0002.jpg
external image boa.gif
external image butterfly2.jpg

5 Themes of Hainan OUTLINE

  • Location

    • Absolute...Latitude and Longitude of all the Borders---19.2 degrees and N 109.7 degrees E

    • Relative Locations...North of the South China Sea and South of the country of China
  • Location

  • Place

    • Physical Characteristics
      • Bodies of water: The Gulf of Tonkin, South China sea
      • Landforms: mountainous regions, rugged hills, terraces, and planes (mountains and hills take up 38.7% of the island.)
      • Climate: tropical and moist. coldest temp. is 16 to 21 degrees C warmest temp. is 29 to 38 degrees C.
      • Animal Life:560+ specices of animals in hainan, somewhich include, gibbons, clouded leopards, moniter lizards, peacock pheasants, boas, butterflies, and many more. all of the animals bring tourists which help the Hainan economy. (pictures of animals above the table)
      • Natural Vegitation: 4200 types of plants on Hainan. Hainan has great mineral reserves and is rich in natural gas and oil.
    • Human Characteristics
      • Population: 7.87 million people in 2000
      • Ethnic Groups: Han, Li, Miao, and Hui.
      • Language:
      • Customs:
      • Economy: Developed slowly. it lagged behind the mainland economy for almost 40 years. but by 1987 Hainan had 700 million us dollars. in the early 1990s the providence had established a real estate market which skyrocketed but in 1993 the Chinese government started to control the chaos in the market. That led to a crash in the Hainan providence. by 1995 the economy grew again but only by 4%. The economy started slowly growing again.
      • Government
  • Place

  • Region

    • Functional
      • Major Trade Partners: Hong Kong, Germany, u.s.a, Japan, and vietnam
      • Major Rivers - Drainage
      • I have the major cities on the prezi
    • Perceptual
      • How do the citizens view themselves?
    • Formal
      • Climate Regions: Hainan is a tropical zone.
      • Vegetation got it in the place section
      • Shared Characteristics of the whole area
      • Land Area

    • Relative Locations...Where your province/region is in relationship to other places...Use words like North of, South of, East of, West of. got it on the place section
  • Region

  • Human/Environment Interaction

    • What have people done to change the land
      • Dams
      • Canals
      • Irrigation
      • Other

  • Human/Environment Interaction

  • Movement

    • Movement of People
      • Ethnic Groups who settled there
      • Anyone forced in or out?
      • Where did they go?
    • Movement of goods
      • foods
      • trade goods
      • manufactured goods
      • Other
    • Movement of Ideas - What Ideas have the people borrowed or shared with other states or ethnic groups?

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