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Dear America friend,
I'm your new pen pal. My name is Nina. My Chinese name is LuoXiaoxuan. You can call me xiaoxuan. I am 13 years oid, too. But I go to No.1 Middle School. Because I think that is a good school. For example, you can tell me: the school's rules, the school's clothes, the school's teacher······
Oh, I forget introduce me to you. I am a sunlight girl. I have biack hair and biack eyes. And my hair is a little long. But I am don't tall. I'm only 1.55 m. How about you? My lifestyle is isn't very healthy. I try to drink milk every day. But I don't like vegetables, although I konw is good for my health. And I eat junk food once or twice a week. Oh! I only sleep 6 hours. Because I have many books to read. In fact, I don't like go to school to study. But I must do it. How about you? Do you like school? When I talk about what is your favorite subject, I can say "Math". Because I think math is very interesting, but it is a little diffcult. Many girls don't like this subject. What's your favorite subject? Can you tell me?

And we can talk about some traditional festival. On April 4th, we have the Qingming
Festival. Let me tell something about this festival. Qingming festival is a traditional Chinese festival, is also the most important sacrifice holiday, is the day of worshipping and grave. And we have some interesting holiday custom. Like: play a game called cuju, outing, planting trees, kite, grave, insert willow......Can you tell me about your festival?

Do you have your girlfriend or boyfriend? If you have, can you tell me something about sge? I really want to know. If you don't have, no problem!

Can you tell me about America's foods? I think it is very delicious. I really want to eat them. But I think that impossible.

I think your English language is very well. So I hope you can help with my English. And I can help your Chinese. Hoe about you? What do you think?

Please write to me soon.



Dear Megan and Kati,
Thanks for your last letter. And I know something about you. At first, I must thank you to help with my English, and I will help you about your Chinese. Today, I want to teach you about my Chinese name. My last name is Luo. The Chinese is . My first name is Xiaoxuan. The Chinese is 晓璇. I want you to rember it. If you have some qusetion about Chinese, you can ask me. And may be I can get over it. And I will ask something about English, can you help me?
I don't have boyfriend. Because our country have a rule--If you don't have 18 years old, you can't have your boyfriend or girlfriend. My favorite season is Spring. Because this season is very warm, but it isn't very hot. Last weekend, my parents and I were went to camp. And I was very excited. Because I had a lot of vegtables. Athough I was injured. And I want to tell you something about my family. My family are my parents and I. My grandma isn't live with me. They live their home. I will give you my photo and my parents' photo.

And I want Kati tell me something about your hometown. Megan tell me about your favorite festival.
Please write to mr soon.

Dear Megan,
I know the photos you see me do, I'm really looking forward to your picture Oh! I, now a math class representative, like the math does not know about you? I rarely exercise, even though I know it is conducive to health. So, I hope we can work together to keep exercising every day, right?
Ah, I understand your country's Halloween, and now, let me tell you that our country's Dragon Boat Festival now! Lunar month, which is a traditional Chinese folk festival - the Dragon Boat Festival, which is the ancient Chinese traditional festivals. Dragon boat racing is the main festival customs. According to legend, originated in the ancient state of Chu an indispensable part of people Qu Yuan died, many people save the boat to catch up. They vie with each other, not a trace when chasing the Dongting Lake. May 5 after a year to commemorate the dragon boat. The river by dragon boat to disperse the fish, so fish eat Qu Yuan's body. And Dragon Boat Festival, eating dumplings, which is another tradition of the Chinese people. The award is called "angle of millet," "barrel dumpling." Its long history, numerous.
This is just some practices, there are many, I'll give you the truth! These talk I tell you something about our festival, because I lost your letter, I'm so sorry sorry.I want you don't mind. And I want to know where are you live in. Do you have Geography and Biology subjects? Can you telll me some ways to do welll in that.
Please write to me soon.