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Three things i learned in ecs are that i need to study more chinese before the quizes. also i learned that chinese is a large and interesting area. also i learned that how to use prezi on a school project. I would have studied more chinese.
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top 3 things i learned from everyones prezi.
I learned how much dams there are in china and how much it affects everyone in a good and bad way.
I learned that yunnan has a lot of different ethic groups.
i also learned that iner mongolia has no vegitaiton it is like a big desert everywhere.
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Yunnan China is at the bottom of the latter in climate because it is cold. Yunnan is also near the top of the populaiton map. Yunnan is also at the top of the latter in elevation to.
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1.Canidates strait up bribe the comunity for votes.
2. Most people smoke for more than just special things.
3. People don't trust the party.
4. Death sentence for robbing stores.
5. They agree life was tough farther before us.

Chinesse Video
1. Make u think they think with one mind. Talk with one voice.
2.Rich and poor people in a communist country.
3.56 nationalities of people in China.
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What i hope to learn in ECS this quarter.

This quarter there are many things i would like to learn. I would like to play more quest atlantis. I like this because it is fun. Also i like to mess around with computer cartoons. The second thing i would like to do this quarter is talk to my chinese penpal. i would like to talk to him because they are chinesse and they live in a much different world.The third thing i would like to do is learn how to use glogster. I would like to learn how to use glogster because it looks cool. Also it looks like it makes projects much more fun then a slide show. One thing i dont want to do in this quarter is learn the chinesse language. Those are some things that i want to do and not do this quarter in ECS.
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